Bruges & Chocolate, The Perfect Love Story

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Bruges & Chocolate, The Perfect Love Story

Belgian Chocolate is considered Europe’s finest and if you ask any local in Bruges, they’ll tell you ours is the best in Belgium. Take a stroll along our cobbled streets and you’re sure to see many chocolatiers displaying their finest products, from popular brand names known all over the world to tiny family-run chocolate shops. Book your stay in Green Park Hotel Brugge and sample some of Belgium’s finest export for yourself. Check our website for our best available rates and special offers available all year round.

The History of Chocolate in Belgium

Belgium’s association with chocolate goes back as far as 1635 when it was first introduced from central America. It was hugely popular in the mid-18th century among the upper classes, especially in the form of a hot drink. Cocoa, a main ingredient of the delicious treat was imported in huge quantities from Belgian Congo which made it more accessible to the working class in the early 1900s.

A combination of excellent training, unique recipes passed from generation to generation, the finest quality ingredients and an unrivalled passion for the product is what makes Belgian chocolate stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world. As well as being famous for the picturesque canals and medieval architecture, Bruges is a hot spot for delicious Belgian chocolate. One of the main reasons for this is an invention from famous Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus. He invented what we now know as praline and began exporting his product en masse in the late 1800s.

Choco Story Bruges

The story of Belgian Chocolate is told in a fascinating way in the Museum of Chocolate, Choco Story. The experience brings you through the story from the Maya and Spanish conquistadores to modern chocolate making methods. The Museum has three interesting parts, telling the story of the origin and evolution of chocolate. They give an interesting overview of the story of chocolate with a huge collection of historic artefacts and show you everything you need to make chocolate from the raw ingredients to the cooking process.

There are over a thousand objects which are part of a private family collection, making the museum extra special. The museum is privately owned by the Van Belle family, a passionate chocolate-loving family and sponsored by Belcolade, one of the few authentic chocolatiers that is still Belgian-owned.

A highlight of this visit is, witnessing chocolates being handmade on-site and tasting them for yourself! It’s a great day out for all of the family with a chocolate search throughout the museums to keep the little ones busy. A short walk from the museum is the Choco Jungle Bar, another part of the museum.

Best Chocolate Shops in Bruges

If you visit only one chocolate shop in Bruges, make it Dumon Chocolatier. With a beautiful exterior that looks like it belongs on a Disney movie set, the building is an excellent representation of typical old Bruges architecture. Inside, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice with hundreds of varieties of creamy delicious chocolate to choose from. The business is run by a passionate and knowledgeable family of Belgian chocolatiers who make everything by hand from raw ingredients. It’s worth putting on your Bruges bucket list.

Another excellent chocolate stop in Bruges that will make you happy is The Chocolate Line. This popular shop offers some unique treats such as red chocolate lips, chocolate pills AND chocolate lip balm! So, licking your lips can be very delicious. This shop was started up by Dominique Persoone, one of Belgium’s most famous chocolate makers, and you can tell by the high quality of the chocolates, that he loves what he does!

Our third choice isn’t just a retail shop but a gorgeous cosy café too. Experience a true Belgian hot chocolate and a wide selection of chocolates to accompany it in The Old Chocolate House. Choose the type of chocolate you like from their menu, and they will make you the most delicious drink to keep you warm while you either sit in and get comfortable or take it away to keep you warm while you explore.

Book your stay in Green Park Hotel Brugge to enjoy the best of both worlds. From here you can easily reach the city centre for a day of exploring, discovering and eating delicious chocolate. Afterwards, retire to our quiet location on the edge of the city for a peaceful night’s sleep. Book our best available rates exclusively on our website.

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