If you’re planning a trip to one of Europe’s most picturesque locations this year and you’ve never been before you’ll be wondering what to pack. Besides yourself and your passport, here are some other travel essentials for your trip to Bruges


You can’t come to one of the most picturesque places in the world and not take pictures! Make sure to bring a good quality camera because no matter where you take photos they’ll look postcard worthy. If you’re not into photography, at least make sure your phone has a good camera. You’ll want to capture memories of this fabulous place for years to come. Try to bring something as lightweight as possible because you’ll be doing a lot of walking to take in all of the magnificent sights.

Weatherproof Jacket

You may be planning a summer holiday to Bruges but remember, this is Belgium, not the Far East! Dress appropriately for our changing weather no matter what time of the year you plan to visit. Bring a lightweight raincoat or an umbrella in your bag and keep it with you at all times. Check the weather before you leave your hotel and dress according to the forecast. It often gets cooler at night, even in summer, so make sure to pack a long-sleeved top & jeans.

Good Shoes

In the same vein, don’t expect to walk around our ancient cobbled streets in a pair of uncomfortable or high-heeled shoes. If you want to get some real exploring done, make sure you’re wearing comfortable, waterproof shoes to save your feet and your back from pain and puddles! If you’re planning to do a walking tour, you’re walking for two plus hours with no rest at all and across millions of uneven cobbles so make sure you’re prepared.


While Belgium has the same electrical sockets as most of Europe, they differ greatly when you are coming from beyond the EU. Australian, American and even UK guests have been caught without an appropriate adaptor. Make sure you do your research before you travel and are prepared. Our American guests may also need to pack a voltage adaptor if using hair dryers or straighteners as out sockets can blow your appliances.

Hands-Free Bag

You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy hand-held bag, filled with unnecessary junk for the weekend. Pack a decent sized backpack with only essentials like your coat, spare socks, your camera, a water bottle etc. If you don’t trust backpacks with your valuables, wear a lightweight crossbody bag to keep your phone, money and documents safe. You might also bring a portable charger, just in case you get overzealous with the picture taking!

Handy Apps

You’ll likely already be carrying a phone with you so why not stock up on the handiest travel apps to make your trip go smoothly. Download an offline map so you can find your way home without data roaming. Use Visitbruges.be for public transport and suggestions on where to visit. Your airline app would also be handy to check for delays and check-in for upcoming flights.

There you have it, everything you’ll need when travelling to Bruges. Make sure your accommodation is high-quality as your planning with a stay in Green Park Hotel. Our great value rates and modern rooms will ensure your trip is perfect, whether you’re here for business or leisure. Call our friendly reservations team today to check availability or make a booking.

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