Summer is coming… It is almost June, the official summer kick off and also the end of the schoolyear. Children in Belgium got 2 months of holidays in July and August which is great for them but what activities can you do with the family? Let me think, what about a trip to Bruges? 😉 Bruges has a lot to offer for children and the city is also close to the Belgian Coast which gives the city trip a fun twist. Talking about the sea, even dolphins are closer than you might think.

A day trip to Dolphinarium ‘Boudewijn Seapark’

Going to a dolphinarium is always a good idea, certainly when there is a whole theme park. Young and old will have fun during the show with dolphins but also in the many attractions. Take a refreshing dive in the outdoor swimming pool with cool water slides. Boudewijn Seapark even has an roller coaster named ‘Orca ride’, bumper cars, a mini-farm, a carousel and much more.

Boat trips

For our next activity we will stay in the water theme. Something that you really have to do when you are in Bruges is to go on a boat trip on the canals of Bruges. Discover the stories of the buildings in Bruges from the water. Great trip on a hot summer day!

Amusing museums

On most days in summer the weather is fantastic but we are in Belgium so there is always a chance to get a rain shower, unfortunately. Luckily there are some amusing museums in Bruges that will clear up your day. Let me first introduce the ‘Choco-story museum’. As you might guess it is a museum about chocolate and cocoa. The whole chocolate story is explained in a pleasant way and who knows, maybe you can taste some chocolate. 😉 Another delicious museum is the ‘Friet museum’. This tasty museum tells the story of the fries. It is quite interesting to know the whole history behind the famous French fries. Next the Historium Brugge is also a good recommendation because this museum tells you everything about the Golden Age of Bruges in medieval Bruges with fictional characters and audio guides.

The past museums were a little unusual while the Groeningemuseum on the other hand is a more classic museum which shows the history of Belgian plastic arts. It is a must visit for people with a penchant for art and paintings. Our last museum tip is the Old St. John’s Hospital (or Sint-Janshospitaal in Dutch), a museum about the 800 year-old history of the hospital. You can admire the paintings of Hans Memling, the pharmacy, medical instruments and much more.

Day to the sea

As I already mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, the sea (Zeebrugge) is about a 20-minute drive from Bruges which is perfect for a day of tanning and eating ice cream at the beach.

Family package at Green Park Hotel Brugge

What about a trip to Bruges with a special family offer? At Green Park Hotel Brugge we know how precious family moments are so therefore we created a family package.

What can you expect?

  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Welcome drink for the adults
  • Kids Welcome Package with a snack, a drink and a surprise
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free cancellation
  • No payment needed until you arrive

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