Would you like to discover Bruges in a different way? Experience it like a real Bruges citizen? Then I gladly take you on a discovery tour through Bruges city center.

Go on a photo tour

Join a local on a photo tour to the most unique places Bruges has to offer. Not to the Belfry or ‘t Zand, but to the places where locals love to spend time and where there is little or no tourism such as the Damse Vaart.

Explore the history of Bruges

We all know lacemaking, but have you ever taken part in a workshop? In the “Kantcentrum” you can get a short introduction to lacemaking and who knows, this might be the start of a new hobby?

The forgotten Bruges - beautiful windmills

If you follow the canals to just outside the city center, you can see the four beautiful windmills that are located on the outskirts of Bruges. In the past, there were 25 windmills but unfortunately only 4 are left. However, these are definitely worth a visit! Feel free to take your picnic to enjoy on a bench.

Bruges Charm

The “Stoofstraat” is known by the locals as the narrowest street in Bruges. Watch out where you walk here though as the cobblestones have been there for some time.

Local Bruges

Are you also fond of everything that is handmade and artisanal? Bruges has developed a city tour called “handmade”. This walk guides you to local shops selling handmade jewelry, artisanal chocolate and, of course, lace. Perfect to buy a little souvenir to end your day.
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