Belgium is small country that borders France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany with a lot of opportunities. In Belgium we speak 3 languages: Dutch (60% of the population), French (40% of the population) and German (0,7 of the population, around 76,000 people in the far east). In our blogpost of this month we will show you around in 7 places that you must see during your tour in Belgium.

Manneken Pis in Brussels

Manneken Pis is small statue of a peeing boy in the centre of Brussels and is 58cm tall. You can find the statue back in the corner of the Stoofstraat and Eikstraat, not far from the Big market. This little boy is the most famous symbol of Belgium and Brussels. You can also find other Manneken Pis statues in Geraardsbergen, Westmeerbeek, Broksele en Koksijde. But the one in Brussels is the best known. It is a bronze work of art Hiëronymus Duquesnoy from 1619.

Gravensteen in Ghent

The Gravensteen is a medieval castle in the centre of Ghent. It is the only remaining castle in Flanders with an intact defensive system. It is one of the most visited attractions in Ghent. In the castle you can find a big weapon collection from the medieval. This probably means that the highest court of county resided there from the 14th till 18th centuries.

Menenpoort in Ieper

The Menenpoort in Ieper is a monument from World War 1. The city gate was constructed by the British in 1927 in memory of the 54.900 fallen British soldiers who were unidentified. Since 1928 the Last Post is blown every evening at 8pm under the vaults of the Menenpoort.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges

The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges is located at the burg in Bruges. it is a chapel where they preserve the relic of the Holy Blood. The chapel was built in middle of the 12th century by order of Diederik van den Elzas, he brought the Holy Blood to Bruges. Every year they commemorate the arrival of the Blood in the Holy Blood Procession.

The Big Market in Bruges

The Big market in Bruges is situated in the centre of the city. On the market square you can find one of the oldest and most popular buildings of the city, the belfry from the 12th century. The Big market was constructed for the annual markets. The first international market was in the 11th century. The Big Market was also a place where they organised big events, games but also for executions.

Atomium in Brussels

The Atomium is a monument in Brussels. It is a construction made from steel end consists of 9 balls with a diameter of 18 meters. Five of nine balls are open for visitors. The building was designed by André Waterkeyn during the expo of 1958 in Brussels. During the last renovation in 2004 they covered it in stainless steel.

Last but not least: Green Park Hotel Brugge

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