Visiting Bruges is nice but do you what is much nicer? Visiting the old town and attend an local event during your stay. This month we will give you some information about 5 upcoming events.

Bruges Sings in the New Year

There is no other city that is celebrating the end of the year more than Bruges. The festivities starts at 10.45pm with ‘Bruges Sings in the New Year’ on ‘t Zand. This concept is very familiar in Bruges, people sing the most popular and recent songs together led by a choir. During this event you can enjoy a drink or a snack from one of the stands or from the pubs and restaurant nearby.

Winter Glow

The winter market in Bruges started on the 22nd of November. January. This event is on the Simon Stevin square and the big market were you can drink or eat something and at the love lake were you can skate on the artificial ice rink. You can still visit this new concept of the winter market until the 5th of January.

Winter walk

On this exclusive walk a guide shows you the most beautiful and hidden spots of the city centre. At the end of the tour you have the change to go roof of the concert hall and have a panoramic view of the city centre .This event is still running until the 31st of December. You can book you tickets via Visit Bruges.

Expo Operation North Sea 1944-1945

This expo is telling the story about the end of World War 2. You will sea how the War was at sea and which role the Belgians had. They will show you torpedoes and scale models from the boats. Also children learn about the end of World war 2 in a simple but tangible way. This exposition can be seen in Sea Bruges. For tickets and more information you can do their website.

Green Park Hotel Brugge

We don’t organize an event but you can always book a room if you want to visit an above event. We are a family hotel located in a forest at 5 km from the city centre. For us it is important that families feel themselves home here. We have indoor and outdoor playground at the hotel. Our restaurant is open from Tuesday until Saturday from 06.30pm till 21.15pm. During the Christmas holiday we serve a delicious 3 courses menu in our restaurant. You can book a table via mail, online or via phone +32 (0)50 40 21 40.

Enjoy the holidays and see you soon at Green Park Hotel Brugge!

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