When you’re planning a trip to Belgium, make sure that you will be staying for at least a few days in Bruges. We have listed 5 reasons why Bruges is worth a visit!

Bruges is one of the best preserved medieval cities

Bruges is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Nothern Europe. The old architecture is really stunning and it feels like you are back in time. Bruges is beautiful during all seasons, but since we know Belgium as the rainy country, it is best to book your trip during summer.

Bruges is a piece of art full off piece of arts

Bruges is known for its art treasures including some masterpieces in Flemish painting from Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling. Bruges feels a little bit like a fairytale with all of its beautiful canals and charming bridges. Make sure you have a good camera with you because it will be a picture perfect trip! Another tip is to get lost in the city and go where the tiny streets take you. Trust me, you will discover the most beautiful parts of Bruges when you are not actively searching for them.

Take me to church

No, you don’t have to be Catholic for this topic, the church I am talking about is the Magdalena Church. On the outside it looks like a normal church but when you have a look on the inside you will notice that it is a house of experiments. From time to time you can visit art exhibitions, concerts, plays, etc. If you really want to visit a ‘normal’ house of God, we recommend you to visit the Church of Our Lady with the Michelangelo’s statue ‘Madonna with child’.

Have a drink with a vampire

Are you looking for a place to have a drink with a (little) twist? Then we know the place! The most unusual bar in Bruges is Retsin's Lucifernum. It is a bar full of weird and creepy paintings. The owner, Willy Retsin, is a self-proclaimed vampire. Please keep in mind that this bar is only open on Saturday and Sunday between 2 and 6pm, maybe a good stop on a rainy day? 😉

The beach is not that far

On a hot summer day it is good to know that the beach is not so far away. When you book a city trip to Bruges, you can combine it with a trip to the Belgian Coast. Zeebrugge and Blankenberge are the closest beach places with many things to see and to do. If you are looking for the most quiet place, we recommend you to visit Zeebrugge. Is has the largest beach of the Belgian Coast but the less tourists. Check out our previous blog for more information about our coastal cities.

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