Bruges is a beautiful romantic medieval city which is listed as a historic centre on the UNESCO world heritage list. Definitely one of the places to visit. Besides being a popular destination as a city trip for tourists, it' s also the ideal place for families to explore. The city received the label 'child-friendly city' in 2018, the ultimate proof that Bruges is a great place to spend time with the entire family. Walk through the centre and imagine yourself in a very nice open-air museum thanks to the many beautiful alleys and historical buildings.We have listed some of our favourite activities that will be pleasing all ages.

Have a family walk, a journey through time

A walk through the historic streets of Bruges makes you feel as if you are travelling through time. The city centre is also very safe for children because the area is pedestrian. This allows you to let them walk around freely and pet the horses of the carriages.

The 'Grote Markt' is the central square in the city and therefore a perfect place to start your city walk. This is where you can admire the beautiful old facades and the famous Belfry, the city tower. Climb the hundreds of steps of the tower with your family and you will be stunned by the very beautiful and impressive view! You will also spot the sights the Burg and the city hall as well.

The 'Grote Markt' is surrounded by cosy terraces, horse-drawn carriages and its famous 'frietkot' that serves Belgian fries. Are you exhausted from all the steps of the Belfry? What about continuing your city walk in a horse-drawn carriage?

300 metres from the Market Square you can admire the Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges' most famous photograph spot. Rozenhoedkaai has the enchanting power to always look beautiful, in both good and bad weather. The ultimate place to capture your postcard on camera!

Are you fond of strolling through the magnificent city? Only 1 kilometre from the Market Square you'll find the beautifully preserved Beguinage with its white-painted facades and monastery garden. A beautiful 17th century piece of culture with lots of charm. In the beguinage you get a clear image of the everyday life of that time.

Be sure to have a few breaks during your city walk to enjoy the many delicious Bruges specialties.In addition to Flemish fries and Belgian regional beers, they also have various cheeses, stews and the famous Bruges crunchy biscuits. These delicious crunchy biscuits have been baked for more than a hundred years following the same recipe. You won't find them any tastier than in Bruges!

Enjoy the romantic canals

Bruges looks like one big open-air museum. And what could be more wonderful than exploring the city by a cosy boat trip on the canals? This way you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The guide telling you the local stories on the water makes it a magical experience for you and your family. The many arched bridges under which you sail and the many swans on the water for which the city is famous will make your trip complete. Therefore it's not that strange that Bruges is regularly referred to as the 'Venice of the North'.

Did you know the swan is actually the symbol of the city? According to a nineteenth-century legend, the people of Bruges were cursed by Emperor Maximilian. A curse that forced the inhabitants to take care of swans on the canals. You can discover all this and many other fairy tales with your family on the water.

Bruges is the city of chocolate!

When you walk through the city, you will immediately notice the many showcases which will attract your attention with many delicious treats.Your children will undoubtedly be lured by the many chocolatiers of Bruges, it is therefore the city of chocolate!

The biggest chocolate museum in Europe, Choco-Story, will take you on a tour through the history of chocolate and show you numerous chocolate works of art. And of course you can enjoy the delicious Belgian chocolate. At the end of the tour you will have a demonstration of how pralines are made and yes, you can also taste this delicacy! The 'Brugsch Swaentje' is the official city praline and a Bruges specialty. An activity that children love and therefore definitely a must-do!

An unforgettable excursion for all ages

If you have young children, the Baudouin Seapark and Dolphinarium is a place to have fantastic moments. The little amusement park has great shows with dolphins and sea lions, a sublime and very impressive experience for small children.

Were you more interested in a special excursion with a little more excitement? What about Medieval torture and punishment? If so, the Torture Museum 'De Oude Steen' is a must visit! This museum is located in a basement with a collection of torture equipment and a fake torture chamber. Interesting with a gruesome side, a great visit guaranteed!

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