It’s not hard to love the gorgeous gothic city of Bruges but you might be wondering what is there to do in the winter months. Bruges turns into our own personal Winter Wonderland from November to February with so much to see and do for couples, friends and families alike. Winter activities include shopping in Bruges, visiting our gorgeous canals, towers & bridges and of course, enjoying some mouth-watering Belgian chocolate right where it is made. Aside from the obvious festive activities in December, here are 4 great reasons Bruges belongs on your Winter bucket list.

1. Winter shopping in Bruges 

Our Christmas markets are in full swing from late November until early January but what if you miss them, where do you go shopping? We love January for shopping as the festive madness has died down leaving the streets and markets quiet and shoppable with plenty of bargains to be found! The Markt Square has been operating as a marketplace since the year 958 and if you’re here on a Wednesday you can wander the stalls selling a variety of fresh local fruits, vegetables and flowers. As well as markets, we have many high street favourites, unique boutiques selling bespoke and once-off pieces, antiques & art. Best of all the city is very pedestrian-friendly for shoppers.

2. Canals, bridges and carriage rides 

Bruges is such a beautiful and magical place to visit; somewhere you’d picture a fairy-tale taking place. In winter you’re guaranteed scenes resembling a class Christmas card often including a light dusting of snow. One of the best things to do when you visit is simply wander along the pretty canals and bridges dotted throughout Bruges. One of the most popular and most scenic spots in the city is Rozenhoedkaai. You’ll need to visit early in the morning as it’s often busy with people looking to take that ideal Instagram shot. The perfectly-preserved gild houses surrounding the Markt Square are also a great photo op.

3. Chocolate – need we say more? 

As if you didn’t already know, Belgium is the home of excellent chocolate which we have perfected since the 19th-century. The streets of Bruges is dotted with many gorgeous chocolate shops, cafes and stalls selling the delicious treat in many different forms. One of the all-time best places to sample some truly authentic chocolate is the Old Chocolate House Brugge, where you can buy it in many variations from plain & classic to flavoured with some very unusual additions. Winter shopping in Bruges calls for a tasty hot chocolate treat to warm yourself up and the Old Chocolate House offers giant customizable cups to suit your taste.

4. Belfry of Bruges 

If you’re looking for the absolute best views of Bruges from a bird’s eye perspective, the only place to go is the beautiful Belfry of Bruges. The 12th-century Belfry tower offers a stunning 360-degree view of the city and its surrounds, so make sure to bring your camera. The medieval Belfort tower has 366 steep, narrow steps winding their way to the top of the tower, so you’ll need to be nimble and have moderate mobility and fitness in order to make it to the top. If nothing else, you’ll definitely warm up and get rid of the Winter chill by the time you get there! There can be long queues but luckily in the winter months there are often musicians singing traditional and Christmas songs to entertain you while you wait.

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