Valentine’s Day is a worldwide celebration of love and has been celebrated all over the world since the year 469. It originated from a Roman festival celebrating the beginning of Springtime. These days the romance of the day can often be lost by commercialism pushed on us by brands, florists and card greeting card companies. This year recapture the passion and romance of this special day while taking the opportunity to explore a new place. Valentine’s Day in Bruges is the ultimate location for an amorous weekend. Here are some of the best romantic things to do in Bruges.

1. Enjoy the sights of the city

Bruges is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Europe and we are renowned for our fantastic medieval architecture and gorgeous canals and bridges. It’s practically a fairy-tale location and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Once you arrive, you’ll realise that even though there are many things to do in Bruges, you may be happy wandering around admiring your surroundings. If you’d prefer a bit of structure to your day, enjoy a free walking tour in the city. You will be guided by an experienced local who is passionate about Bruges and able to give you an insight into the lesser-known places to eat and drink. You may even end the tour with a taster of some local delicacies like chocolate, waffles, fries and beer.

2. Horse-drawn Carriage Tour

The quintessential fairy-tale story always ends with a horse-drawn carriage ride and it just so happens to be one of our specialities. One of the most romantic things to do in Bruges is rent a carriage and trust your guide to show you the most beautiful parts of the city. If you are feeling particularly amorous, wrap yourselves in a cosy blanket and enjoy a glass of champagne while your friendly guide gives you their personal recommendations on what to see and things to do in Bruges. The carriages and tours are regulated, and the horses are well cared for; most of them even have cushioned shoes so their feet aren’t damaged on the cobbles. You can also engage in some light haggling with the guides to ensure you get the best price.

3. Visit the Lake of Love

We’re not making this up, there is literally a lake called the Lake of Love in Minnewater Park! Stroll hand in hand through the park admiring your surroundings and feeding some of the dozens of swans who call it home. The park is named after the tragic love story of Minna. The beautiful Minna fell in love with a warrior from a neighbouring tribe. Her father said no to their union and set up an arranged marriage instead so in classic Disney princess style she ran away into the forest. By the time her lover found her she was almost dead but held on for one last embrace. It’s said that if you walk over the Lover’s Bridge and kiss your loved one, your love will be eternal

4. Chocolate Tasting

There is nothing more romantic, no matter where you are in the world, than enjoying a candlelit meal and finishing up with some delicious Belgian chocolate. Valentine’s Day in Bruges would not be complete without enjoying sampling some of the fine chocolate made here. The Old Chocolate House is a super romantic restaurant where you can indulge your sweet tooth with a chocolate high tea washed down by a giant bowl of hot chocolate! If you feel you haven’t had enough sugar yet, you can also order their delicious waffles. If chocolate isn’t your thing, there are many romantic restaurants in Bruges to choose from, many of whom will have excellent Valentine’s menus especially for this time of the year.

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