Once upon a time, the canals of Bruges bustled at night. The water was crowded with ships, arriving and departing from far off journeys, bringing unusual and exciting goods from overseas. Merchants sold their wares and protected their stores of wool, linen and silk and the cities citizens rambled, shopping and haggling, enjoying being some of the wealthiest in Europe.  These days, Bruges at night is not quite as busy but still has a welcoming buzz. It’s a great time to enjoy the sights of Bruges, which are usually too busy with tourists.

Here are some of the best things to see and do in Bruges by night.

Sightseeing by Night

Avoid hundreds of tourists trying to capture the perfect Instagram shot and choose sightseeing by night in Bruges. Enjoy beautiful, illuminated architecture, charming canals and the slower pace of life that off peak exploring brings. The glassy water reflects the streetlights and fairy-tale architecture making Bruges picture perfect, all night long.

The Rozenhoedkaai is considered one the most picturesque and popular spots to take photos in Bruges, especially when the sun goes down. It is the spot where the Dijver and Groenerei canals meet, intersecting to create a romantic, charming scene​ straight from a Disney movie. It is said that the Rozenhoedkaai was the place where boats were moored and where you could buy a rosary. Today, the area is busy with shops, tourists and those wanting to explore Bruges by boat. The evening time is a great chance to take a perfect picture without the hoards of tourists ruining your shot. The up-lighting illuminates the architecture causing a mirror effect on the calm water below. It’s a truly memorable spot to remember Bruges by night.

 When visiting Bruges, you cannot miss the Grote Markt. The central plaza in the city is busy all day long, buzzing with tourists, shoppers, visitors, traders and people rambling around enjoying the city. At night, it’s a very different place. Fewer crowds mean you can fully appreciate the 360 views of the surrounding houses and buildings which are purposely well lit. The belfry is brightly lit and it’s an ideal time to take pictures of the romantic architecture surrounding you. If you’re lucky you’ll hear some musicians busking and adding to the fairytale atmosphere.

If you don’t know your way around the city and would be more comfortable exploring with a local guide, you can take a guided night tour of Bruges. Meet with your experienced, local guide and wander Bruge’s cobbled streets visiting less popular sights (like Burg Square, Cafe Rose Red, and Jan Van Eyck Square) as well as the top tourist spots. Your guide will tell you about the history of the area, the architecture and the culture before treating you to an authentic Belgian beer. It’s a fantastic way to explore the city like a local, enjoying the magic of Bruges at a more leisurely pace.

Bruges by Night

While many museums and attractions close once the sun goes down, the city lights up, with cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants coming to life. Bruges is packed with fantastic places to eat and drink, serving a mixture of local, national and international food with some truly fantastic hidden gems thrown in. You’ll find the best frites and waffles in Belgium, some of the freshest and most delicious Belgian beer and of course, what we’re well known for, rich and delicious Belgian chocolate. When the weather is good you can eat outdoors, admiring the city at night and soaking up the electric atmosphere.

Accommodation in Bruges

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