You Know the struggle? You are visiting Bruges and you have no idea what you have to do first. Here at Green Park Hotel Brugge we attach importance to the service for our guests even when you are not in the hotel but discovering the old town.
That is why we want to introduce you to 2 handy traveling apps , Xplore Bruges and Interparking , they are the perfect guide if you visit the centre of Bruges.
Xplore Bruges
How does it works?

You can download the app i...

This month we introduce our hotel manager at Green Park Hotel Brugge 'Nils Picqueur' to you.
Hi Nils, describe your role in one word?
Teamplayer, but more precisely hotel manager at Green Park Hotel Brugge.
How long have you been working at Green Park Hotel Brugge?
From the 16TH of AprilL 2018
Why did you choose a job in the hospitality sector?
I work already more then 23 years in the hospitality business and I started at the...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
Do you know why you should celebrate Christmas in Bruges? Because we have our annual Christmas market on the big square in the city center. It is a place where you can come together during the holidays. For the shopaholics there are several stalls where you can buy nice souvenirs for your loved ones. There is a an ice rink too for the sports enthusiasts among us, where they can show there best tricks. It is also just a cozy place where you ca...

Hidden spots in Bruges

Bruges - better known as 'the Venice of the North' has a lot to offer for a city trip. Next to all of the typical tourist attractions there are also a lot of hidden spots and things to do in the city. We guide you through the city with some inside information from our hotel staff.

A walking route in Bruges you should definitely try

Discovering a city by foot is the perfect way to really get to know a city. By walking around you will bump into places you would never have ...

The 31st of October we are celebrating Halloween, so why don’t you book you stay at our place because there is so much to do at Brugge. We are only 10 minutes away from the city centre.

How can you combine your stay in Green Park Hotel Brugge with a Halloween adventure? Simple:

You can visit “the Historium” at 15 min drive of the hotel and this from Saturday 20 October till Sunday 4 November. Everything is decorated in Halloween style and the appropriate music will ma...